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The FACES database is made available to researchers on a case-by-case (i.e., person-by-person and study-by-study) basis. To obtain access to the database, the researcher must sign the FACES Platform Release Agreement and send it to the FACES Technical Agent, thereby agreeing to observe the restrictions listed in this document and to inform all other persons/researchers involved in the study about the restrictions. Please note: If you are still a student (graduate, undergraduate, PhD) please have your suvervisor at university sign the Release Agreement too. There is no charge for obtaining access to the FACES database. Registration is also required in order to receive permission - for the purpose of illustrating research methodology - for the research-related publication and display of the photographs/videos which are part of the publicly available collection.

After having registered and confirmed your registration, you will not get immediate access to the FACES database. Access will only be granted upon receipt of a valid application form. This may take a few days.

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